Engage 2017 | Session Descriptions

Theme Descriptions

Themes and Topics

Engage 2017 consists of eight interactive themes designed to help you target the sessions that best meet your needs. Feel free to select the sessions of your choice, regardless of whether you’ve pre-registered for different sessions or themes.

Gain visibility and actionable intelligence into the work, people and processes to help drive improvements in productivity, efficiency, throughput, turnaround times, quality, and compliance.

Leverage technology beyond traditional staff forecasting, planning, and scheduling to transform your face-to-face channel and empower employees to deliver a quality customer experience.

Desktop Analytics, Automation and Robotics
Gain visibility into desktop activity and automate tasks or processes to enhance compliance and improve efficiency, quality and customer service.

Digital and Mobile Self-Service
Empower customers to resolve issues themselves and enhance the overall customer experience.

Employee Engagement, Quality, and Performance
Provide employees with the tools and insight they need for delivering exceptional customer service and superior individual performance to support your organization’s objectives.

Enable employees and customers to find answers quickly with personalized results tailored to the customer’s context.

Help local, state, and federal organizations to enhance performance, customer service, and the overall quality of citizen interactions.

Omnichannel Strategies
Provide simplified customer service that spans channels, data, process, and knowledge to improve the overall customer journey.

Sicherheit und Einhaltung von Vorschriften
Enhance investigations, improve risk mitigation for security and safety, and ensure operational security compliance.

The Future of Customer Engagement
Prepare for what’s next in delivering exceptional customer service.

Voice of the Customer
Discover trends and customer intelligence, enhance customer experience, and improve omnichannel service processes.

Workforce Management
Forecast, plan and schedule employees across different functional areas based on demand and skills for better, more cost-effective service.


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