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Communications Service Provider Compliance

For compliance with lawful interception regulations

As new communications channels emerge and the number of lawful interception and data retention requirements grows, operator compliance becomes increasingly difficult and costly. Service providers require compliance solutions that are easy to administer and facilitate more seamless, cost-effective, and discreet compliance. Verint helps communications service providers meet these challenges.

Verint provides scalable, turnkey solutions that enable communications service providers of any size to comply with lawful interception standards and data retention requirements efficiently and cost effectively. Designed by veterans of law enforcement and experts in communications technology, Verint Communications Services Provider Compliance solutions transparently provide discreet access to targeted communications over a broad range of network types without alerting subscribers or disrupting service.

Our solution preserves and leverages existing investments through interoperability with third-party equipment vendors and existing interception systems, while a single point of administration and automated warrant management streamline the interception process and facilitate seamless compliance.