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Contact centers can face "compliance moments" every minute, with any interaction. The right technology can help you keep credit card and personal information safe.

Compliance in the Enterprise

Proactively mitigate risk across your organization

For interactions with customers, there truly are "rules of engagement"-regulations requiring vigilance to prevent and detect violations that could put your reputation and profit at risk. You must protect credit card data and personal information (data compliance). You must adhere to rules for voice recording and telemarketing practices (communications compliance). And you must accept and address complaints, prevent identity theft, and go the extra mile on behalf of consumers (consumer protection).

Enterprise Compliance

Enterprise Compliance

Verint solutions are built with compliance in mind, helping you to set the right practices in place, facilitate adherence, and guide your employees to do the right thing every step of the way.

Across the enterprise, the following solutions can help you achieve compliance for your data, your communications, and your customers.

See how detecting and handling complaints well can be good for you and good for your customers.

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