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Verint in den Medien

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Surrender Your Desk: It's Time To Let The Robots Take Over
February 27,2017

The Rise of Facebank – Why Social Banking is Here to Stay
Fintech Finance
Februar 27, 2017

Recipients of the 2017 CUSTOMER Products of the Year Award Announced
Februar 24, 2017

Verint Adds OpinionLab for Deeper Omni-channel Customer Engagement
Technology Evaluation Centers
Februar 23, 2017

Hardware.com.br Interviews: Ronaldo Stanzione, Verint Brazil Country Manager (Portuguese)
Februar 22, 2017

79% Of Consumers Want A Human Option For Customer Service
Retail Touchpoints
Februar 20, 2017

We Like to Talk with People on the Phone
One-Minute Marketer
Februar 16, 2017

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Has Begun (Portuguese)
HSM Management
Februar 15, 2017

The 2017 State of the Speech Technology Industry: Sprachanalyse
Speech Technology
Februar 6, 2017

Study Reveals Increased Wear of Consumers with Digital Channels (Portuguese)
IP News
Februar 6, 2017

Verint Celebrates Achievements (Portuguese)
Febr4uary 6, 2017

Are Chief Marketing Technologists Key to Customer-Centricity?
Februar 6, 2017

Verint Customer Experience Program Receives New Honors (Spanish)
Februar 2, 2017

A Tool for Positive Change: Five Tips for Building a Customer Journey Map
Februar 2, 2017

Verint Recognized in DMG Consulting's Workforce Optimization Report
Workforce Optimization Software
Februar 1, 2017

Digital Feedback Management: The Next Chapter for Customer Service
Contact Center Pipeline
Februar 1, 2017


Verint Partners with Content Guru
Speech Tech Mag
Januar 30, 2017

Is there Common Ground between Customers and Brands on what Loyalty Means?
Januar 30, 2017

Customers Using Digital Channels Are More Likely to Switch Providers (Portuguese)
Januar 30, 2017 

Digital Consumers Are More Likely to Switch Providers (Portuguese)
IT Forum 365
January 30, 2017 

Study Reveals Greater Wear Among Digital Consumers (Portuguese)
E-commerce Brazil
January 30, 2017

Digital Channel Favors Supplier Exchange, Concludes Survey (Portuguese)
TI Inside Online
Januar 27, 2017 

Digital Customers Less Loyal
Media Post
Januar 25, 2017

Digital Engagement for the Win
BPA Quality
Januar 25, 2017

Customer Retention, Increasingly Difficult With the Digital Age: Study (Spanish)
ComputerWorld Mexico
Januar 23, 2017 

Human Interactions Drive Higher Loyalty Among Digital Consumers
Fierce Retail
Januar 23, 2017

Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies
Januar 23, 2017

CustomerThink Names 12 Global Thought Leaders as Advisors for 2017
Januar 20, 2017

Balancing the Digital Demand with Human Touch
Fast Moving
Januar 19, 2017

Is the High Street Fighting Back?
Retail Gazette
Januar 19, 2017

A Wake-Up Call For Brands
Business LIVE
Januar 19, 2017

Digital-First Customer Survey Finds Customer Service Automation May Impact Churn
CDG Portal
Januar 18, 2017

Getting The Balancing Right Between The Digital Demand And The Human Touch
Global Banking & Finance Review
Januar 17, 2017

Online Shopping Erodes Brand Loyalty
Januar 17, 2017

Balancing the Digital Demand With the Human Touch
Business & Finance
Januar 16, 2017

Clear Winners in the Digital World Offer Better Platforms Related to Customer Personalization 
Januar 16, 2017

Study Shows Keys to Customer Retention for Online and In-Store Retailers
Januar 16, 2017

Global Study by Verint Finds Higher Attrition Among Digital Consumers
Januar 13, 2017

10 Mind-Boggling Digital Marketing Stats From This Week
Januar 13, 2017

Analytics and CX - Market Trends 2017
Silicon India
Januar 12, 2017

Consumers Who Do Business Through Digital Channels More Likely to Swap Providers, Verint Study Shows
Retail Times
Januar 12, 2017

Global Study Finds Higher Attrition Among Digital Consumers
Januar 12, 2017

Do online shoppers have loyalty in mind?
Januar 12, 2017

Study: Digital shoppers less loyal
Januar 11, 2017

Global Study Finds Higher Attrition Amongst Digital Consumers
Call Centre Helper
Januar 11, 2017

Global Study by Verint Finds Higher Attrition Among Digital Consumers
FinTech Finance
Januar 11, 2017

Digital Dilemma
Digitalisation World
Januar 11, 2017

Verint: The Human Touch, Central to the Customer (Spanish)
Prensario TI
Januar 11, 2017  

Verint Global Study Notes Increased Wear Among Digital Consumers (Spanish)
Call Center News
Januar 11, 2017

BGL Group Reaps Benefits From Speech Analytics Project
Insurance Business
Januar 11, 2017

UK Insurance Group Targets Savings Through Speech Analytics Project
Life Insurance
Januar 10, 2017

New Verint App Extends Employee Engagement Capabilities on Mobile Devices
Januar 6, 2017

Still Just Upgrading Touchpoints? Create Future Journey Maps for Real Value
Januar 6, 2017

What Will Be the Single Biggest Security Threat of 2017?
IDG Connect
Januar 5, 2017

Verint Introduces Mobile Work View App for Optimizing Workforce Capabilities
MarTech Advisor
Januar 5, 2017

Verint Launches Mobile Work View
Januar 4, 2017

Verint's New WFO App Promotes Safe BYOD Practices
Workforce Optimization Software (TMC)
Januar 4, 2017

The Year Ahead: 17 on ’17 (PDF)
Contact Center Pipeline
Januar 1, 2017

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