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Erfolgsgeschichten: Qualitätsüberwachung/-aufzeichnung

AAA Washington | Travel & Insurance | Case Study

Travel and insurance provider AAA Washington experienced a 400% efficiency gain in agent evaluations, while increasing agent proficiency and promoting greater satisfaction among customers and staff through the use of Impact 360 Quality Monitoring.

Abbey | Financial Services | Case Study

Abbey, one of the UK's leading financial services providers, implemented Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to improve quality, promote best-in-class customer service practices, and enable more effective coaching of agents, seeing a 10% drop in average handle time, a 50% performance improvement of agents in its lower quartile, and a 5% gain in CSAT.

Accor Customer Contact Centres | Hospitality | Case Study

Europe's leading global hotel and service industry group, Accor uses Impact 360 Recording and Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to drive more homogenous internal processes and to streamline its approach to training, seeing a 5% increase in call enquiry-to-booking rate the first year after implementation and €20 million additional revenue the next year.

Admiral Group PLC | Insurance | Case Study

Admiral Group PLC, one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers, transforms quality of customer engagement with Verint Call Recording, Quality Management, and Speech Analytics – helping it achieve resource savings, identify process differences to challenge average call handling times, increase efficiency, and streamline and accelerate accurate reporting across departments.

AEGON Scottish Equitable | Financial Services | Case Study

A leading provider of individual and group pension, protection and, investment products to the UK market, AEGON Scottish Equitable deployed Impact 360 Quality Monitoring as part of a human resources initiative to improve agent training and, ultimately, the quality of the customer experience.

Air Berlin | Transportation | Case Study

Air Berlin, Germany's second largest airline and specializing in low-cost flights, used Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to facilitate more intensive and more active agent training, increasing call handling while reducing average handle time in the process.

Atlanta Gas Light Company | Utilities | Case Study

Atlanta Gas Light Company, the largest natural gas distribution utility in the southeast, increased quality scores by 22% and customer satisfaction by 11% in eight months with Impact 360 Quality Monitoring.

AXA Ireland | Insurance | Case Study

One of Ireland's largest general insurers, AXA Ireland uses Impact 360 Recording to identify, articulate, and, to an extent, homogenize best practice customer interactions to drive service level consistency among agents and maximize first call resolution.

BT Business Sales | Telecommunications | Case Study

BT Business Sales, part of BT, one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services, used Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to increase revenue per agent per call by 7% and reduce call handling time by 70 seconds.

Budget Insurance Services | Insurance | Case Study

UK insurance intermediary Budget Insurance Services enhanced its customer service and quality strategy after deploying Impact 360 Quality Monitoring, improving quality scores by more than 12% and increasing customer retention and conversion rates.

Co-operative Financial Services | Financial Services | Case Study

Co-operative Financial Services, one of the UK's major financial services organizations, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty by 70% and heightened advisor productivity and performance through the use of Impact 360 Quality Monitoring.

Damart | Retail | Case Study

Established UK retailer Damart uses Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to effectively manage call volumes, including large seasonal peaks, while maintaining customer service levels and providing robust quality scoring and coaching mechanisms for the quality team.

DSB Group | Transportation | Case Study

DSB Group, which provides urban, intercity, regional, and international passenger rail services within Denmark, leveraged Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to reduce call length and abandonment rate and improve sales and service by 60%.

HBOS Card Services | Financial Services | Case Study

HBOS Card Services, which offers a range of competitively priced credit and affinity cards in the UK, ensures compliance, improves agent skills, reduces staff attrition, and builds a competitive edge with Impact 360 Recording and Impact 360 Quality Monitoring.

HCF | Insurance | Case Study

HCF, a not-for-profit private health and life insurance company in Australia, used Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to automate the retrieval of recordings for use in agent evaluations, increasing the amount of time spent on coaching by over 50% and, in turn, helping the company resolve member complaints 6,5% faster.

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) | Government | Case Study

HMRC, responsible for handling customer telephone contact for the UK government's taxes, relies on Impact 360 Recording for a reliable, cost-effective way to capture its nearly 50 million calls a year while providing audit-ability for compliance and dispute resolution.

Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union | Financial Services | Case Study

South Carolina-based Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union increased performance scores by 50% and supervisor productivity by 20% and decreased search and retrieval time by 30% after the deployment of Impact 360 Recording within its VoIP environment.

HSBC Mexico | Financial Services | HSBC Mexico

HSBC Mexico increased its productivity in monitoring agent evaluations and training by 100%, while gaining the ability to locate specific customer interactions within seconds for dispute resolution, through the use of Impact 360 Quality Monitoring.

LeasePlan USA | Transportation | Case Study

Fleet management company LeasePlan USA was able to gauge the performance of its agents much more effectively while validating quotes from-and disputes with-auto repair shops after implementing Impact 360 Quality Monitoring.

Lifecare Assurance Company | Insurance | Case Study

Insurance provider Lifecare Assurance Company uses Impact 360 Recording for 100% call recording in an IP environment, helping it expedite dispute resolution while reducing its error rate by 7%.

Lindner Hotels AG | Hospitality | Case Study

Lindner Hotels, a family-owned hotel group specializing in upscale properties, used Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to reduce average call length by 20% while increasing its inquiry-to-bookings ratio by 15% and doubling its up-sell rate.

Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division | Financial Services | Case Study

Part of the Wholesale and International Banking division of Lloyds TSB Bank plc, Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division achieved a 97% reduction in error rates with a 50% reduction in back-office work and a 60% decrease in internal email traffic after deploying Impact 360 Recording.

Maincom Telemarketing Services | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

Maincom Telemarketing Services, delivering order-processing calls and other services, achieved a 30% jump in the level of quality, drastically reduced cancelled subscriptions, and increased customer satisfaction following the introduction of Impact 360 Quality Monitoring.

Navitor | Wholesale Printing | Case Study

Providing customer service support for custom print business products and custom stamps, signs, and badges, Navitor uses Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to reliably record and evaluate calls, including agent screen navigation, and identify areas for process improvement.

New York Life | Insurance | Case Study | Video

New York Life, die größte Lebensversicherung auf Gegenseitigkeit in den USA, nutzt die Verint Speech Analytics als Grundlage ihres Verbrauchergesundheitsindexes, um bessere Einblicke in das Geschäft zu ermöglichen und einen positiven Kundenservice zu schaffen. Further, using speech analytics to automate its quality solution and perform targeted call studies, the organization saw 40% savings across its quality assurance team, reduced call volume by 400.000 calls a year, and added six figures to its top line by improving sales effectiveness.

Pitney Bowes | Manufacturing | Case Study

Pitney Bowes, a world leader in mail and document management solutions, uses Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to record voice and data portions of customer interactions and provide agents with more effective feedback, which helped increase first-call resolution by 5% and drove greater revenue due to effective up-selling.

Royal & SunAlliance | Insurance | Case Study

One of the world's leading insurance groups, Royal & SunAlliance leverages Impact 360 Recording to facilitate compliance and dispute handling, with 100% of calls recorded and call tagging used to enable effective categorization for trends and root cause analysis.

Scicom MSC Berhad | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

One of the largest contact center outsourcers in Malaysia, Scicom MSC Berhad, implemented Impact 360 Recording and Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to reduce call times, increase quality and customer service, and enhance agent training.

Vodafone Ireland | Telecommunications | Case Study

Mobile communications provider Vodafone Ireland used Impact 360 Quality Monitoring to reduce repeat calls into its contact center by 23%, achieving a four-fold return on its investment.

VSP Vision Care | Healthcare | Case Study | CRM Service Elite Award

VSP Vision Care, the largest not-for-profit vision benefits and services company in the U.S., relies on Impact 360 Quality Monitoring-using real-time scorecards, trending, and advanced key performance indicators-to help support the professional development of its agents with immediate feedback on performance and ownership of performance goals.

Yorkshire Water | Utilities | Case Study

Providing water and sewerage services to 4,7 million people, Yorkshire Water uses Impact 360 Quality Monitoring with Impact 360 Encryption Management to comply with PCI data security standards (DSS)-as well as UK water industry requirements-and to help unlock significant productivity savings within the business to retain high service standards.