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Erfolgsgeschichten: Desktop und Prozessanalyse

Cruise Line Operator | Travel & Hospitality | Case Study

This premier cruise line operator leverages the Application Event Trigger functionality within Impact 360 Advanced Desktop Analytics to help ensure compliance with PCI and Federal Trade Commission requirements for data privacy and security.

Investment Management Leader | Financial Services | Case Study

An investment management leader lowered idle time by 50% in 90 days, reduced headcount by 15% and overtime by 37%, and increased activity per associate by 9% following its deployment of Impact 360 for Back-Office Operations.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services Provider | Healthcare | Case Study

A leading provider of pharmacy and related services to healthcare facilities, this Fortune 500 company reduced temporary labor by 25%, overtime by over 3%, and headcount by nearly 4% while simultaneously improving the performance of its back-office staff and the level of service delivered to customers.

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union | Financial Services | Case Study
Using Verint Strategic Desktop and Process Analytics, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union, the fourth-largest credit union in Florida, gained greater insight into teller handle times – enabling it to improve staffing levels and operational efficiencies across its branch network – and improved service delivery by empowering its employees to deliver an outstanding member experience.

Multi-line Insurer | Insurance | Video

A Fortune 500 banking and insurance provider improved productivity by 10% and saved $5 million in one year after deploying Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics.

Pharmacy Benefits Management Company | Healthcare | Case Study

This leading U.S. pharmacy benefits manager identified and recaptured idle and non-production time by monitoring employee desktop activity with Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics, translating to $80.000 a week in savings.

PlumChoice | Technical Support | Fallstudie

Providing specialized technical support services to consumers and businesses, PlumChoice leverages Verint Workforce Optimization, including Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, to enable its employees to excel at providing customer service, leading to first contact resolution growing from 64% to 70%, average handle time shrinking by 64 seconds, and off-phone activity decreasing by 11%.

StarTek | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

Leading business process outsourcer StarTek uses Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics to track, analyze, and report on application usage on offline agent desktops-helping it increase offline agent efficiency by 10% and enhance its capacity and capability to do more back-office work with less staff.

Telecommunications Operator | Telecommunications | Case Study

This telecommunications operator uses Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics to monitor agent desktop activity to refine processes and improve performance, realizing a 20% reduction in the time to service customers' prepaid mobile phones and a 15% increase in agent productivity.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) | Government | Case Study

With its focus on public safety, TDCJ addressed numerous performance issues with its Offender Information Management System, reducing error rates and improving the user experience and productivity, thanks to Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics.